Where to Use Your Card

Where to Use and Care for your Bison One Card

The Bison One Card is the official University ID card for students, faculty and staff; it must be carried while on any University campus.

Please review the sections below to learn where you can use and how to care for your Bison One Card.

Care for your Card

Do not Damage

Do not punch holes in or deface your Bison One Card. Your card contains a magnetic stripe inside that grants access to campus buildings through electronic card readers.

Secure your Card

Store your Bison One Card in a secure location, such as a wallet or handbag and away from other magnetic cards that may deactivate the card.

Special Cardholders

Lanyards and other cardholders are often helpful – Barnes & Noble @ Howard University has a variety of lanyard options.

Where to Use your Card

By Accounts

Name (click link for info) Type Campus Building Dining Dollars Bison Bucks Book Vouchers Online
Blackburn Cafe All you care to eat Blackburn ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Bethune Annex Cafe All you care to eat Bethune Annex ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Halal Shack Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Cuisine Blackburn ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
NuVegan Cafe Vegan Soul Food Blackburn ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Restaurant @ Blackburn Sit Down Lunch Blackburn ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Simply To Go @ Blackburn Convenience store Blackburn ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Wow Cafe Cajun Cuisine Blackburn ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Pandini's Italian Blackburn ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Hilltop Burgers Burgers, Food Truck Food Truck ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Jazzmans Brew, Bakery Administration ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Market @ Blackburn Convenience store Blackburn ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Market @ Bethune Annex Convenience store Bethune Annex ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Market @ West Towers Convenience store West Towers ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Bison Brew Brew, Bakery Undergraduate Library ✔️ ✔️   Everyday App
Bookstore @ Main Campus Books, Tech, Clothing Bookstore   ✔️ ✔️ Website
Bookstore @ West Campus Books Bookstore   ✔️ ✔️ Website
Campus Connection Printing, Mail, etc. Service Center   ✔️   Website
Beverage Vending Machines Pepsi, Water, Juice (by Pepsi) various buildings   ✔️    
Snack Vending Machines Snacks (by Canteen) various buildings   ✔️    
Grubhub Campus Convenient Online Ordering various locations   ✔️   Website


Check out materials from the Howard libraries as well as print from computers and make copies.


Purchase textbooks, academic related materials, or to redeem a book voucher.

Meal Plan

Use a Meal Plan at Howard Campus Dining locations.

Bison Bucks

Use Bison Bucks to pay for food and services at participating dining and retail locations.

Howard Shuttle

Ride Howard’s Shuttle Bus Services.


Residence Hall laundry services.