Laundry facilities are available in each residence hall on campus.

Laundry machines only accept Laundry Points and Bison Bucks for payment. Resident student have a set amount of funds deposited into their Laundry Points account which is accessible with the use of their BisonCard. Students who have exhausted their Laundry Points accounts balance, will need to deposit funds into their Bison Bucks account prior to using the laundry machines.

Laundry Costs

Wash $2.00

Dry $2.00

Laundry Points FAQs

Do laundry points roll over?

When the semester starts, you receive all of your laundry points to be used for that semester. 

What happens if I don’t use my points?

Laundry points are sufficient for washing your clothes throughout the semester, and the University provides this service at no cost to our students. 

What if I run out of Laundry Points?

If you go beyond two large loads per week, you will need to use Bison Bucks for laundry for the remainder of the semester.

Can I wash my friend’s laundry using my laundry points?

As a resident student, you are provided a set amount of laundry points for your use.  It is not intended for non-residents. 

What if a machine is not working?

Please call 1-800-927-9274 if any washer or dryer is not operating.  There is also a service request website at 

What if my card doesn’t work?

If you are a resident, contact the Bison One Card office via email at for assistance.

Hotel Services

Howard University partners with Campus Travel Management to offer our guests hotel options and reservation in the Washington, DC area. We encourage visitors to book their hotel reservations with our hotel partners to support Howard University. 

Partners & Reservations


Order food on-line via GrubHub. GrubHub is a popular way to order food online and via mobile app. Pay with Bison Bucks at check-out.

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PepsiCo is Howard University's official beverage service provider and offers approximately 135 beverage vending machines with a diverse selection of products including Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Starbucks, Aquafina, LIFEWTR, bubly sparkling water, craft sodas, in addition to a variety of others including the classic Pepsi beverages. PepsiCo products are available in each Residence Hall, HU Dining locations and campus vending machines on Main and West Campuses and accepts credit/debit cards and Bison Bucks.

To request a PepsiCo vending machine refund or service, please call 800.562.6800 and provide the 'asset number' that is provided on the machine.

Canteen Snacks

Canteen is Howard University's snack vending service provider and offers over 50 snack vending machines with a diverse selection of snack products including chips, popcorn, chewing gum, beef jerky and candy bars. Canteen products are available on Main and West Campuses and accepts credit/debit cards and Bison Bucks.

To request a Canteen vending machine refund or service, please call 301.702.1267.