Mailing for Departments/Faculty

Department mail and packages are delivered once a day. Please plan shipping and processing times into account for USPS shipments.

All packages shipped via USPS are delivered to the central processing hub. FedEx and UPS packages are delivered directly to departments. All trackable mail and packages require a signature. It is the responsibility of the department representative who accepts the accountable mail to ensure that the addressee receives the mail.

The mail processing facility receives hundreds of pieces of mail and packages daily. For the protection of the University community, the University requires that all mail and packages that come through the mail facility be x-rayed. Processing time from the receipt of mail into the processing facility is 48 hours or two business days during non-peak periods. The mail facility processing time may increase during peak periods. If the processing time impacts the recipient’s delivery requirements, we recommend the use of an alternative shipping address, example P.O. Box.

During mail delivery, Mail Services pick up outgoing mail from departments. Mail services stop by designated mail stops once daily. Outgoing mail can also be dropped off at the central processing facility. Return to Sender packages require postage unless they are unable to be delivered. Please note: Mail Services are unable to provide special delivery services.

Departments should ensure postal charge tickets are filled out completely including type of mail and contact information. Domestic and international mail must be separated and are required to have separate charge tickets. International packages must include a completed customer form. Always include a full return address including department name so Mail Services can direct the mail back to the correct department should it be returned by the postal service.

Each department is responsible for forwarding department mail to individuals who have changed departments or left the University. Departments should note a forwarding address, “Return to Sender” if not deliverable and “Addressee Unknown”. Misdirected mail should be noted on the envelope. Interdepartmental mail does not require postage however it needs to be clearly labeled and fully addressed.

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