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Dining Dollars Can Only Be Used at These Locations
Building Location Name Notes
Administration Jazzman's Cafe  
Blackburn Center "All Dining Locations"  
College of Medicine Coffee Cart  
School of Divinity Simply To Go  
Service Center Cafe  
Bethune Annex "All Dining Locations"

Updated: 2/20/2015

The Bison One Card Office is here to provide the Bison One Card (HU ID) and Services to improve the Howard University Experience for Students, Faculty, and Staff.

Here are a variety of services delivered through the Bison One Card and administered and/or supported by the Bison One Card Office:


Deactivating your Bison One Card
1) Go to My Bison One Card Accounts
2) Click on "Card Services"
3) Click on "Deactivate Card"
4) Select a card number
5) Click on "Deactivate Card"
6) Repeat steps 4-5