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The July 31st Deadline for Photo ID Upload has passed, we will take your photo and provide you your Bison One Card.

For the week of August 7 to August 18 the Bison One Card Office will be located in the Reading Lounge in Blackburn Center.

Welcome to Bison One Card!

The Bison One Card is your Official Howard University ID. From accessing your residence hall to dining on campus or doing laundry, this card has you covered!  The Bison One Card provides you with convenience while on or off campus.

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EASY. No Need to carry cash or debit/credit cards.
. Make secure online deposits into your account via our website and mobile app.
. Use your card on or off campus at a variety of places.
. If your Bison One Card is lost or stolen, you can suspend activity online immediately.

Where to use your Bison One Card:

  • All HU Dining Locations
  • Select Off Campus Merchants
  • Campus Laundry Machines
  • HU Bookstore
  • Campus Post Office
  • Select Campus Vending Machines

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2301 Georgia Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20059

Hours 9am-5pm


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