Bison Bucks

Students, faculty and staff may load Bison Bucks to their BisonCard and use the card like a declining balance debit card at various locations.

Bison Bucks are loadable funds available via your BisonCard (not part of the student Dining Plans). Students, faculty and staff may load Bison Bucks to their BisonCard to use like a debit card at various locations. Using Bison Bucks is a safe and convenient way to make purchases. When you use Bison Bucks at one of our participating off-campus locations, a portion of your sale benefits the “Bridging the Gap” Student Aid Campaign.

Summer program participants and summer stay guests can receive a BisonCard and use Bison Bucks. At the end of your summer program or stay, your Bison Bucks will be disabled, and any unused Bison Bucks will be forfeited and or non-refundable. For more information regarding Summer Program use of the BisonCard, contact the Bison One Card Office.

Log into eAccounts:

Select “+Add Money” in Bison Bucks button
Select Deposit Type
Enter Amount you want to deposit
Fill out payment information.
Select "Make Deposit"

Non-Student Deposit 

Guests can add funds directly to a BisonCard by accessing the following link and then clicking on the "Make a Guest Deposit" option: eAccounts. This is the only location monies can be deposited into Bison Bucks. Discover, MasterCard, or Visa logos are the only acceptable methods of payment.

Bison Bucks Directory

Merchants participate in the Howard University Bison Bucks program and accept Bison Bucks as a form of payment for goods and services. For the complete list of on-campus and off-campus merchants that accept Bison Bucks, Click here:

Bison Bucks Accepted Here

When shopping off-campus, look for the “Bison Bucks Accepted Here” sign.