Lost Cards & Replacements

Lost Cards

Report and deactivate a lost Bison One Card immediately by logging into the Bison One Card eAccounts website. In the Bison One Card eAccounts, click on Card Services and deactivate your card number(s). You may also contact the Bison One Card Office.

Replacement Cards

A $10 fee is required for replacement and damaged (hole, crack, bent etc.) Bison One Cards. This fee applies to all replacement cards, including those issued for loss, theft or name change. Payment is due before receiving the replacement card.  Credit payment is accepted at the Cashier Office located at 2400 6th St. NW, Suite 115. Bison Bucks payment is accepted at the Bison One Card Office located at 2301 Georgia Ave, NW (Bryant Street Entrance). Replacement cards can be purchased at the Bison One Card office during normal business hours. This fee cannot be applied to a student’s Howard eBill.

Temporary ID Card

Temporary ID cards are not available.

Cashiers Office (only Credit Accepted)
2400 6th Street NW, Suite 115
Washington, DC 20059

BisonCard Office (only Bison Bucks Accepted)
iLab Building, Lobby – Bryant St Entrance
2301 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20059