Using the University’s Trademarks

Using Howard University's Trademarks

All Howard University departments and recognized student groups are required to obtain prior approval to use the University's name, marks, logos, seals or symbols in any commercial or non-commercial uses. Howard departments and student groups are required to purchase Howard branded merchandise from officially licensed vendors of the University.
Items that will be used internally, such as by members of an office, group or as a giveaways, are exempt from royalties. Items for resale (including fundraisers) require the vendor to pay royalties to the University on the products.
When requesting permission, complete the Art Approval Request Form, indicating how the product will be used and provide the artwork/design.

Submit Art Approval Request

If you have your design ready and product and vendor selected, you can complete the Art Approval Request Form now. Once submitted, our office will review and provide you with one of the following decisions:
  • Approved
  • Approved with Changes (minor edits to your artwork is needed)
  • Disapproved

Vendors Officially Licensed to sell Howard University Products

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