Howard University ID Card is the Bison One Card

The Howard University ID Card is the Bison One Card.  Bison One Cards are issued to Students (active and registered for classes), Faculty and Staff (active) and Contractors (actively sponsored by a Howard University division, department, school or college).  Each Howard University individual should have (1) Bison One Card, which reflects the individuals' primary role.
For Contractors, Sponsors must use PeopleSoft's ePAR system.
Bison One Card holders must carry their Bison One Card at all times while on Howard University property.

New Students

The Bison One Card is the official Howard University ID Card.

When picking up your Bison One Card bring a valid photo ID, which can be a USA government issued ID or a valid Passport.

New Faculty/Staff

After your hiring process is complete the Bison One Card Systems have to wait to receive data from Human Resources Systems.  The Bison One Card Office is not always informed when new faculty/staff members hiring has been completed.
As a new faculty/staff member you will receive an Employee ID Number, which is issued by PeopleSoft, and should start with: 000.  Please have your Employee ID Number with you when you visit the Bison One Card Office.  When your record is in the Bison One Card Systems we will be able to take photo of you and produce your Faculty/Staff Bison One Card.  Please bring with you a valid Photo ID, which can be an USA Gov't Issued ID (License, State ID, etc.) or Passport.
Both the Bison One Card Office and the ETS Help Desk share the same space in the iLab (2301 Georgia Ave, NW, Bryant Street Entrance).
As a new faculty/staff member you will also receive access to email, peoplesoft, and other Howard University systems, per the access you are required to have.  The ETS Help Desk will provide this information and on-going support to you.  Please feel free to contact the ETS Help Desk at 202-806-2020 for more information or visit during normal business hours.

Student Employees

As a Student Employee your primary role is Student.  Therefore, you will not receive a Faculty, Staff, Contractor, or Temporary Bison One Card.

Lost or Damaged Your Card?

If you lose your card, please deactivate it by logging into the My Bison One Card website.
Within the My Bison One Card website, click on Card Services and deactivate all your card numbers.

Card Replacement Fee ($10) for:

Lost Cards
Damaged Cards (hole, cracked, bent)

Where to Pay?

Cashiers Office (Cash accepted)
2400 6th St. NW, Suite 115, Washington, DC 20059
Bison One Card Office (Bison Bucks accepted)
2301 Georgia Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20059 (Bryant St Entrance)
If you find a lost Bison One Card return it to the Bison One Card Office.
If you are looking for the Howard University Hospital ID Card, please visit Howard University Hospital’s Human Resources department.

How to Deposit Bison Bucks

EAccount Login:

Step 1: Username: All characters before “@” in Howard Email. (Ex: First.Last) / Password: Student ID # with @

Step 2: Select “+Add Money” on Bison Bucks Tab

Step 3: Select Deposit Type.

Step 4: Enter Amount you want to deposit.

Step 5: Fill out payment information.

Step 6: Submit