Trademark Licensing - University & Students

Using the University's Trademarks

All Howard University departments and recognized student groups are required to obtain prior approval to use the University's name, marks, logos, seals or symbols in any commercial or non-commercial uses. Howard departments and student groups are required to purchase emblematic merchandise from officially licensed vendors of the University. Items that will be used internally, such as by members of an office, group or as a giveaways, are exempt from royalties. Items for resale require the vendor to pay royalties to the University on the products. When requesting permission, please fill out the Direct Approval Form/Royalty Waiver for use of the name/logos, please indicate how the product will be used.

The following purposes constitutes commercial use:

  • Sales to individual customers
  • Sales for fundraising projects
  • Sales of items carrying a commercial message, sponsor or endorsement
  • Items given at conferences/workshops/clinics that require a registration fee and the price of the item has been included in the fee

The following purposes constitutes non-commercial use:

  • Items used by organizers or participants to market and promote various activities. 
  • Items given at events/conferences/workshops/clinics/etc for door prizes or gifts.

Officially licensed vendor information:

2017 Trademark Licensing Guide: 

The Trademark Licensing Guide was developed to assist departments and student organizations with navigating the process of ordering promotional products, such as t-shirts. This guide covers: 

  • Logo Usage
  • Tips for Designing T-shirts & Promotional Products
  • Steps to Getting Art Approved

Art Approval/Royalty Waiver Form

Format: MM/DD/YYYY

If you are a student or staff member, provide your university issued email address.

Ex. t-shirts, hats, bags, supplies, etc.

Ex: Uniforms, member shirts, fundraiser, giveaways. Indicated whether you will be selling the items or not.

Estimate quantity of items needed.

What company are you purchasing the items from?

Event information or other details necessary for approval.

Please upload design sample.

(Files must end in .doc, .xls, .pdf, .gif or .jpg)