Printing Services - MPS Implementation

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Howard University Community,

As part of the Managed Print Services (MPS) optimization strategy, Auxiliary Enterprises has been working with Procurement, ETS, and departments across HU to identify more cost effective print solutions for Howard.  The University is working on a new agreement with Xerox to restructure the existing fleet as part of a consolidated print service for HU, which we're calling "Bison.Print".


Bison.Print will replace outdated printers, and expand modern print capabilities – like secure print, and mobile print.  Additionally, this improved print service is more environmentally friendly and under one contract – saving the University almost $1.2 million dollars over the next four years.  We’re excited about this MPS program and will begin rolling out new equipment and services next month, as part of an ongoing department-by-department rollout plan.

More About Improved Services:

  • Replacement of Old Printers – We will be standardizing with newer, faster, and more reliable printer models replacing very old equipment that often needed repair.
  • Installation of Shared Department Printers – Xerox will provide Howard University with centrally located multifunction printers equipped with the latest technology, as well as a service agreement to provide enhanced customer support  If a printer is temporarily unavailable, you can easily send your print job to another printer with the same capabilities.
  • Improved Printer Maintenance and Supply Delivery – Xerox will proactively monitor printers, and send service alerts directly to the Xerox Help Desk.  In addition, Xerox will monitor and deliver consumables (e.g. toner cartridges) before they run out to ensure supplies are always available (departments are still responsible for paper).  Desktop Printers will not be addressed until future phases of bison.print.
  • Increased Eco-Friendly Printing – Xerox Eco-friendly devices use less power, have lower emissions, require less space and use fewer supplies (paper and toner).
  • Improved Security – All new devices will have an optional ‘secure print’ capability to manage printing of confidential information improving the University’s information security.  In addition, with Image Overwrite, confidential data is kept safe by electronically “shredding” information stored on a device’s hard disk.

Next Steps:

  • Assessment – A representative will be walking through each department varifying the location of all existing printers, fax machines, and copiers.  Most employees will have no interruptions to their work. Any interruptions that do occur will be brief.
  • Follow-up Survey – A representative may contact office managers and/or business officers to provide clarification on information gathered during the floor mapping exercise.
  • Analysis and Action – The data from these activities will be analyzed and used to define specific improvements to our current print, copy, fax and scan services.

We’ll send out more information as various print service rollout dates arrive.  If you have additional questions please visit our website at or email our office at

Thank you for your cooperation and support.