Printing Services - Assessment: Current State

In order to assist us with the assessment of your current printing environment please complete the following survey.  A current state survey is a useful tool to identify those factors that are inhibiting efficient and effective business processes.  Please provide your contact information so we may schedule a follow-up review.

If your department currently has unused printing devices, regardless of whether they are working or damaged, please complete the "Request to Transfer Property Form" so we may coordinate the removal process.  Unused printing devices will be transferred to Central Services and re-deployed, discarded, or sold based on the condition of the equipment.  All printing devices are accounted for as part of the University's equipment inventory and departments should not throw any equipment away.

Note: Printing supplies (ink cartridges, toner, staples, etc) should also be identified so we may also redistribute to other departments in need.


Request to Transfer Property Form


Printing Services: Current State Survey

Please provide your contact information.

Format: MM/DD/YYYY

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Analog or Digital

network drive, google, cloud, third party software, etc.

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Please provide, company name, contact, email, and phone.

If answer is Yes, please complete the Transfer Property Form

Please identify any issues or special circumstances that may impact your printing needs.

Please upload documents (Transfer Property Form, Etc.)

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