Parking Law/West Campus Route (Weekday Schedule)

Updated 08/14/2014

All times listed are departure times.

* No Service
** Fridays: The last shuttle will depart from the Towers to the School of Law at 8:25pm.

Towers A Building Law School
8:05am 8:30am
8:50am 8:55am 9:20am
9:40am 9:45am 10:10am
10:30am 10:35am 11:00am
11:20am 11:25am 11:50am
12:10 PM 12:15pm 12:40pm
1:00pm 1:05pm 1:30pm
1:50pm 1:55pm 2:20pm
2:40pm 2:45pm 3:10pm
3:30pm 3:35pm 4:00pm
4:20pm 4:25pm 4:50pm
5:10pm 5:15pm 5:40pm
6:00pm 6:05pm *
Towers A Building Law School
8:00pm 8:05pm 8:30pm
8:50pm 8:55pm 9:20pm
9:40pm 9:45pm 10:10pm
10:30pm 10:35pm 11:00pm
11:20pm 11:25pm *