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Shuttle Schedules

  • West Campus Route   (Updated 8/18/16)
    Towers, Columbia Rd & 14th St., West Campus, Harvard Rd.
  • Late Night Route  (Updated 8/18/16)
    Shaw Metro,  HU Hospital, Plaza Towers,  6th & Howard Place, 6th & Fairmont,  Drew Hall,  Tubman Quad,  Bethune Annex,  iLAB,  Stokes Library,  Slowe Hall
  • South Shaw Metro Route   (Updated 8/18/16)
    Shaw Metro,  HU Hospital,  Bookstore,  6th & Howard,  6th & Fairmont, iLAB,  Stokes Library,  Slowe Hall
  • U-Street Metro Route   (Updated 8/18/16)
    U-Street Metro,  Banneker, Plaza Towers, 6th & Howard,  6th & Fairmont
  • Weekend Route  (Updated 8/18/16) 
    Shaw Metro,  HU Hospital, Plaza Towers,  6th & Howard, 6th & Fairmont,  Drew Hall,  Tubman Quad,  Bethune Annex,  iLAB,  Stokes Library,  Slowe Hall
  • Summer Route   (Updated 8/18/16)
    Banneker,  Plaza Towers,  6th & Howard,  6th & Fairmont,  iLAB,  Stokes Library,  Slowe Hall,  Shaw Metro,  HU Hospital

Live Tracking of Shuttles

You may track your shuttle bus using by visiting Check the box for the shuttle you would like. The interactive map will give you the shuttles route, location and the estimated time the shuttle will arrive at a certain stop.


Bus Rules

Scheduled Howard University Shuttle Bus Service (HUBS) is provided for the University's faculty, staff, students and visitors to and from Main Campus, various parking lots, dormitories, the School of Divinity, the School of Law, and other University based locations. Service to and from the Shaw/Howard University Metro station is also provided by HUBS. The following rules apply to patrons utilizing the Howard University Shuttle Bus Service.

Shuttle Bus Policies and Rules

  • All patrons must present a valid ID card (HU faculty/staff/students - validated Howard-issued ID card; visitors - passes are available from the Office of Parking & Transportation Services)
  • Patrons must board and discharge at authorized shuttle bus stops. (Drivers will only stop at authorized stops)
  • The following are prohibited on all Howard University shuttle buses:
    • Eating or drinking
    • Smoking
    • Playing audio/video devices, etc. without headphones
    • Fighting
    • Driver harassment
    • Profanity
    • Defacing shuttle bus

Complaints, recommendations, and general comments regarding the Howard University shuttle service are welcome and should be addressed to the Director, Parking & Transportation Services ( Forms and a Shuttle Bus Rider Survey are available on the parking web site.