Campus Travel Management (CTM) has developed a new incoming visitor hotel reservation system designed to assist in reaching the thousands of visitors, prospective students and their families, conference attendees and guests that travel each year to attend Howard University sponsored, hosted and/or affiliated events.

The CTM program is simple.  Every year thousands of visitors come to campus and generate revenue for local hotels. Local hotels are invited to join the program (Hotel Partners) and will be featured on links from Howard’s website and the University will receive a commission on the revenue generated.  Visitors receive discounted rates by booking hotels through the CTM Visitor Travel Portal.  CTM manages the relationship with the hotels and sends commission payments to the University to support student scholarships.

For additional information please contact Anisah Rasheed, Marketing Manager.

Short-Term Vending (STV)

The Auxiliary Enterprises Short-Term Vending is responsible for the logistics and oversight of vendors selling food and other merchandise on Howard's campus.  University departments, student organizations, and external organizations with confirmed events at Howard University, that are planning vending activities must be approved by this office.  All necessary requirements must be met in order to obtain a vending permit.

For additional information please contact Anisah Rasheed, Marketing Manager.

MicroFridge Rental Program

In order to satisfy the demand for refrigerators and microwave ovens and avoid circuit overloads, the MicroFridge is the only cooking appliance allowed in residence hall rooms. Howard University has partnered with AE Rentals, LLC to provide MicroFridge rentals. The MicroFridge unit consists of a microwave oven and a refrigerator with separate freezer in an integrated unit. Complete product and ordering information may be found on

*Note: Students may bring their own small refrigerator as long as it follows the same specifications (or smaller) than the MicroFridge rentals. Microwaves are prohibited in residence hall rooms unless part of a MicroFridge unit.

For additional information please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Laundry Machine Service

Students must purchase Bison Bucks and use their Bison One Card in order to operate laundry equipment.

Washers and dryers are located in the laundry room areas in each building. If a machine is not working properly, please report the problem by calling the laundry repair 800-number posted on the wall first.  Also, see the Bison One Card page for more information.

For additional information please contact Stephon Knox, Contract Management.

Vending Machine Service

Howard University has an exclusive beverage agreement with the Pepsi -Cola Company. All beverages served or sold on campus must be Pepsi -Cola brand products with the exception of hot beverages.

Vending machines are available throughout campus in various buildings and each resident hall. The machines are stocked with an assortment of food and drinks and are re-stocked weekly. The vending areas is available to residents 24 hours per day.

For additional information please contact Stephon Knox, Contract Management.