Donation Requests

Delivering resources to the University community to enrich campus life with convenient products and services is part of our vital mission.  An important goal is to also generate revenue to support the academic mission of the university.  Auxiliary budgets occasionally allow for limited donations of products and services to campus events on an annual basis, as well, to other third party one-time requests.  Auxiliary Enterprises is obligated to be a good fiscal steward of the University’s resources, so your request, while welcome, will be reviewed and evaluated carefully.

Please indicate how the product will be used.  Request for the following purposes will be given further consideration:

  • Items for fundraising projects
  • Items supporting a commercial message, sponsor or endorsement
  • Items given at events/conferences/workshops/clinics to promote the University's brand.
  • Items for class room (K-12) to promote future enrollment.

To request consideration complete the Auxiliary Enterprises Donation Request Form below.

Auxiliary Enterprises Donation Request

All information must be completed.

Please identify your request category.

Please identify your organization or department name.

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What is the purpose of the event for which the donation is being requested?

What is the request? (Please be specific indicating product or service requested, quantity, dollar amount or value, in-kind exchange, full or partial discount, etc.)

Please describe the value of your request to the University - Why should Auxiliary Enterprises approve this donation?

Please provide the date this request needs a response.