Dining Services - University Catering


Catering Vendors

Howard University (HU) has a contractual agreement with Sodexo Management, Inc. which grants Sodexo rights to provide dining services on its campus.  This agreement also includes retail and catering services which the University earns additional commissions on sales.  Therefore, in order to maximize revenue it is important that catering services on campus be provided by Sodexo and we strongly encourage the campus community to support this partnership.

You may contact the Sodexo Catering Office at 202-865-0217 to obtain pricing for your catering event.  Sodexo has various catering menus to accommodate varied budgets.  The Catering Office will provide a quote for approval and then a purchase requisition should be completed in PeopleSoft.  Sodexo is not authorized to provide catering services until an approved purchase order has been issued by the Office of Procurement, Contracting, & Materials Management.

Under special circumstances the Office of Auxiliary Enterprises may authorize a department, office, or other campus organization or unit to order catering services from an approved off-campus caterer.  Special circumstances will be deemed to exist if:

(A)  The customer is ordering specially prepared ethnic or international cuisine that is not commonly provided by Sodexo, but that is available from sources that specialize in such cuisine; or

(B)  Sodexo gives timely notice that they are not capable of providing the request for catering services when scheduled by the customer.  A minimum of 72 hours is necessary in order to properly plan and order the necessary food and supplies.

Your cooperation will help us assist you in expediting your catering services.  If you have any additional questions, you may contact Stephon Knox at 202-806-2274.