Dining Services - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to purchase a meal plan?

Yes, if you live in a residence hall that requires you to have a meal plan. Students living in other residence halls or off-campus are free to choose any meal plan, but are not required to. 

Can I choose any plan I want?

Not all meal plans are available to all students. The plans available to you depend on what residence hall you live in and how many credit hours you have. If you do not live in a required meal plan residence hall or stay off-campus, you are free to choose from any of our meal plans. 

How Do I sign-up for a meal plan?

Log into your “Bison Web” account at howard.edu/BisonWeb to sign-up and/or change your meal plan. You can also sign-up or make changes to your meal plan by visiting the Bison One Card office. 

Can I change my meal plan if it does not fit my needs?

Yes, meal plans can be changed during the first two weeks of each semester. Changes can be made via your Bison Web account or by visiting the Bison One Card office.

What is the best meal plan?

The best meal plan depends on your dining habits. Every student is different and the best plan is the one that will satisfy your dining needs. The Traditional 14 meal plan is our most popular plan.

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars come with all meal plans. They are flexible spending dollars that can be used at any of our on-campus HU Dining locations. Dining Dollars cannot be used off-campus.

I have special dietary needs. Are there options available for me with on-campus dining?

We do our best to accommodate student’s dietary needs. If you have special dietary needs, we recommend you meeting with a member of our dining team to discuss dining options.


How do I book a room for my event?

All reservations for event locations and set-ups should be made by contacting the Central Scheduling office at 202-806-5978 or visiting their office located in the Blackburn Center. Upon securing your location, Sodexo Catering can assist you in drafting a floor plan to best suit your specific event.

What are your hours of operation?

The Sodexo Catering office is open 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday in accordance with the University calendar. Events scheduled on University closure periods or holidays may incur additional charges.

What is your payment and cancellation policy?

All campus groups or organizations should provide a signed and approved PO to the Catering office 72 hours prior to the event date.

All outside groups or organizations are required to submit payment in full 72 hours prior to the event date. We accept Credit Card (AMEX, Visa, MC or Discover), Cashier’s Check, or Money Order. Events cancelled on the day of the event will incur expenses.

Is there a charge for delivery and when will my order be delivered?

Yes, there is a $25 delivery charge for all main campus events. Deliveries are scheduled one half hour prior to the start of events. Due the volume of events on given days, you may be scheduled for delivery as early as one hour prior to the start of the event.

Is there an additional charge for wait staff and bartenders?

Yes. Wait staff and bartenders are scheduled in accordance with function duration at $25.95 per hour at a six-hour minimum. Culinary staff for on site or display cooking is available at $30 per hour.

Are plates, cups, and utensils included with my order?

Yes, quality plastic and paper products are included with every event. China is available upon request at an additional charge.

Do you provide linen and flowers?

In-house linens for buffet tables are included in the price of the event. All other tables requiring linen can be provided but will incur an additional charge. Floral arrangements are not included in your event price but can be order at an additional charge. Please make an appointment with our catering staff to discuss your specialty linen and floral needs.

If there is food leftover at my event can we take it home?

All food and beverage are for immediate consumption, and Sodexo Catering services and/or Howard University assumes no responsibility for any improper handling.