Campus Stores - About Us


To support the academic mission of Howard University by providing students, faculty and the University community with excellent service consisting of a wide range of textbooks, general books, supplies, apparel, gifts and other merchandise. In this continuing effort, the bookstore will serve as a public focal point, enhancing the image of the university by reflecting the University's highest intellectual standard and commitment to learning.


To be recognized as one of the top sources in the Washington Metropolitan area through its dymanic contributions to the discussion and celebration of the African American culture, experience, history, and especially literature.


Store Management


General Manager

Alex Bamfo

(202) 238-2666

Assistant General Manager

Myrtle Crabbe

(202) 238-2664

Store Manager (West Campus) Sandra Forney (202) 806-8108


Operations Department Manager
(202) 238-2650

Merchandise Department Manager

Carletha Jones

(202) 238-2650

Computers & Supplies Supervisor

GeeVarghese DanielKutty

(202) 238-2653

Health Science & Supplies Supervisor GeeVarghese DanielKutty (202) 238-2643

Book Department Manager

Cheryl Roberson

(202) 238-2652

Textbook Supervisor

Sherronda Butler

(202) 238-2651

General Books Supervisor

Thomas Kirk

(202) 238-2651