Bison One Card - Support

The Bison One Card Office strives to provide you support to maintain your access to Bison One Card Services.  If you need support for any issue that you are experiencing please fill out the Support Form below.

Bison Bucks (Laundry, Vending, On-Campus, Off-Campus)

Meal Plans and Dining Dollars (On-Campus HU Dining locations)

Book Voucher/Athletic Book Voucher (HU Barnes & Noble Bookstores)

Laundry and Vending Issues

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Laundry Beverage Vending Snack Vending
1-800-927-9274 1-800-562-6800 1-301-702-1267
Service Request


Bison One Card - Support Form

If you are experiencing issues with using your card and services offered by the Bison One Card Office.

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