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Meal Plan Dates
Begin January 7, 2018
End May 12, 2018

Meal Plan Sign-Up
Online: BisonWeb
In Office: Available until 1/26/2018

We will review your meal plan request to see if it meets our requirements.

Meal Plan Options and Information
Meal (Dining) Plan



Dining Dollars

Total Cost

Available To
(see below)

Traditional 19
$250 $2,309.00 Yellow-Circle.gif Blue-Circle.gif Grey-Circle.gif
   19 meals a week (Friday-Thursday) and $250 Dining Dollars per semester
Traditional 14
$300 $2,271.00 Yellow-Circle.gif Blue-Circle.gif Grey-Circle.gif
   14 meals a week (Friday-Thursday) and $300 Dining Dollars per semester
170 Block

170 $375 $2,231.50 Yellow-Circle.gif Blue-Circle.gif Grey-Circle.gif
   170 meals per semester and $375 Dining Dollars per semester 
140 Block
140 $400 $2,213.00 Yellow-Circle.gif Blue-Circle.gif Grey-Circle.gif
   140 meals per semester and $400 Dining Dollars per semester   
75 Block
75 $225 $1,121.50
Blue-Circle.gif Grey-Circle.gif
    75 meals per semester and $225 Dining Dollars per semester  
Dining $'s Only

$950 $950   Blue-Circle.gif Grey-Circle.gif
       No Meals and $950 Dining Dollars per semester

All students assigned to a Required Meal Plan Residence Hall will be billed for the Default "14 Meal Plan".  The default meal plan can be changed on or before the end of the 2nd week of classes each semester.  The same meal plan assigned for Fall Semester will automatically be assigned for Spring Semester, unless the Bison One Card Office is notified prior to or within the first two weeks of the semester.  All meal plans are not available to all students.  Please refer to the chart above for which plans are available to:

Yellow-Circle.gif = Students that have earned 59 credits or less and reside in a Required Meal Plan Residence Hall.

Blue-Circle.gif = Students that have earned 60 credits or more and reside in a Required Meal Plan Residence Hall.

Grey-Circle.gif = Students that reside in a Residence Hall that does not require a meal plan, off-campus, or commute.

Required Meal Plan Residence Halls: Bethune Annex, College Hall North, College Hall South, Cook, Drew, Tubman Quad (Baldwin, Crandall, Frazier, Truth, and Wheatley).

Dining Dollars come with all meal plans.  They are flexible spending dollars that can be used at any of our on-campus HU Dining Locations (including C-Stores).

Dining Halls: Blackburn Center Dining Hall and Bethune Annex Dining Hall. 

Meal Periods: Breakfast (B), Brunch (Br), Lunch (L), Dinner (D).  Mon-Fri meal periods are B, L, D per day.  Sat-Sun meal periods are Br, D per day.

Traditional (Weekly) Meals: The meal week is from Friday to Thursday.  Any meals not used by Dinner on Thursday will be lost and a new set of meals will be assigned on Friday.

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