Bison One Card - ID Card

Updated: 4/7/2014

ID Card is the Bison One Card

The Bison One Card is the official Howard University ID Card.

Who Can Get a Bison One Card:


o Active and Registered for classes

• Hired Employees

• Hired Contractors*

*For Hired Contractors, Sponsoring Departments are required to use the ePar system to properly hire contractors.

Bison One Card cardholders must carry their Bison One Card at all times while on University property.

Please visit the Bison One Card Office (click here) to get your Bison One Card.

Lost your card?

You can deactivate it!

1. Click on "Manage account, Make Deposit"

2. Login 

3. Click "Card Services"

4. Select card number(s) and then click on "deactivate Card"

Card Replacement Fee ($10) for:

Lost Cards

Damaged Cards

• Hole in card

• Cracked card

• Bent Card

Where to Pay Card Replacement Fee:

• Cashiers Office (Credit or Cash accepted)

o 2400 6th St. NW, Suite 115, Washington, DC 20059

Bison One Card Office (Bison Bucks and Howard Bucks accepted)

o 2301 Georgia Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20059 (Bryant St Entrance)


If you find a lost Bison One Card return it to the Bison One Card Office


If you are looking for the Howard University Hospital ID Card, please visit Howard University Hospital’s Human Resources department.