Bison One Card - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the Bison One Card?

The Bison One Card is your Official Howard University One Card.  From accessing your residence hall to dining on campus or doing laundry, this One Card has you covered!  The Bison One Card provides you with convenience on or off campus.

 2.   Where do I go to get my Bison One Card?

Students, Faculty and Staff can obtain their Bison One Card from the Bison One Card Office. Please bring with you a valid form of U.S. government issued identification (e.g. Driver’s License, State ID) or a valid Passport.

Bison One Card Office
2301 Bryant Street, NW
Washington, DC 20059
Bryant Street Entrance
Mondays-Fridays; 9am-5pm 

 3.   Can I upload my photo online?

Yes, if you're primary role is Student.

Between (TBD) and (TBD) all validated incoming first time students for Fall 2016, may upload photos online via BisonWeb ( The student will receive an email with information where to retrieve their Bison One Card once the uploaded photo has been approved.

Login: BisonWeb & Click on 'Bison One Card - Photo Upload'

Photo Requirements:
          A: Solid white or blue background
          B: Color photo
          C: Look at the camera
          D: Remove non-religious coverings
          E: Take photo of your head, with space around your head (top, sides and bottom)

 4.   How do I deactivate/reactivate my card?

Log onto My Bison One Card to deactivate or reactivate your lost or stolen card.  Deactivating your card on the Bb eAccounts website will automatically deactivate your current card.

 5.   How do I replace a lost/stolen/damaged card?

Lost or Damaged Cards:

You will need to pay a card replacement fee of $10 to replace a lost or damaged card and here is a basic list of why we charge when:

(a) One Card is hole punched.

(b) One Card is damaged due to negligence (e.g. washed and/or dried with clothes).

(c) One Card is intentionally destroyed in any way or form. 

Stolen Cards:

A Police Report will need to be provided for review.  We review if the Bison One Card was properly secured prior to being stolen.

How to Pay Card Replacement Fee:

(a) Pay using Bison Bucks in the Bison One Card Office.

(b) Pay using Cash at the Cashiers Office (1st Floor of the Administration Building) and bring the paid receipt to the Bison One Card Office.

 6.   What are Bison Bucks?

Bison Bucks is a prepaid, stored value account available to all Bison One Card holders.  There are no transaction fees or minimum balances associated with the card.  Just load and use at a variety of places.

Bison Bucks can be used to make purchases at:

(a) Campus Dining Locations

(b) Campus Vending machines

(c) Campus Laundry

(d) Select Off-Campus Restaurants and Retailers.

For a complete list, please visit Where To Use My One Card.

 7.   How can I (Student, Faculty, and Staff) add Bison Bucks?

Visit My Bison One Card and login.  Use a credit/debit card to add Bison Bucks between $5 and $500, which will be added to your Bison Bucks account.

Every dollar added is available to you and there are no transaction fees or minimum balances required.


 8.   Can Family and Friends add money to Bison Bucks?

Bison One Card holders (Students, Faculty and Staff), Parents, Grandparents, Cousins, Friends, etc. can visit My Bison One Card and select “Make a Guest Deposit”.  Guests can use a credit/debit card to add Bison Bucks between $5 and $500, which will be added to a Student’s Bison Bucks account.  There are no transaction fees or minimum balances required.

Guests will need the (a) First Name, (b) Last Name,
and (c) ID Number of the Bison One Card holder.

(c) ID Number
or Students: Student’s ID number (without the @ symbol) or the 6-digit * number on the back of the card
For Faculty/Staff the 6-digit * number on the back of the card)

 9.   How can I add or change a meal plan?

Beginning in July 2016 Students can select their meal plan via BisonWeb, during the Fall and Spring Semesters. 

The last day to add or cancel a meal plan is the last business day of the second week of classes of the current semester.  Students living in a Required Meal Plan Residence Hall will be required to have a meal plan. 

For more detailed information on meal plans please visit Meal Plans (Dining Dollars).

Meal Plans that are added in the Fall will automatically be assigned and billed for the Spring (of the same academic year).

10. What is the deadline to cancel and/or change a meal plan? 

A meal plan cannot be cancelled after the second week of classes of the current semester.  Thereafter cancellations are granted only when the student officially withdraws from Howard University.  The refund percentage is based on the date of withdrawal and can be found on Howard University's Academic Calendar for that academic year.

11. What’s the difference between Bison Bucks and Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are included with the purchase of a meal plan and additional funds cannot be added to that account later.  Dining Dollars can be used only at HU On-Campus Dining Locations.
Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester.

Bison Bucks are loaded to the student’s account through My Bison One Card , by using a credit/debit card. Bison Bucks can be accepted at any location that accepts the Bison One Card. 
Bison Bucks carry over from year to year and are refundable with request upon graduation, academic withdrawal, or termination of employment.

12. Where can I use my Bison One Card?

Please click on the "Where to Use My Card" link on the Bison One Card Website ( to find out what locations accept the Bison One Card and what accounts they accept.

  • HU On-Campus Dining
    • Cafeterias
    • Convenience Stores
    • and more...
  • HU On-Campus Retail
    • Libraries
    • Bookstore
    • Post Office
    • Select Vending Machines
    • HU Residence Halls Laundry Rooms
  • Off-Campus Retail & Dining
    • locations near main campus
Howard Bucks carry over from year to year and are refundable upon leaving the univesity.Howard Bucks carry over from year to year and are refundable upon leaving the univesity.

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Hours 9am-5pm